Bandalan Martial Arts

Guro Brent Cash

Guro Brent Cash

Current Rank:
2nd Dan in Bandalan Doce Pares - Guro
3rd Dan in Isshin-ryu Karate
Instructor inProgressive Fighting Systems 1997
Instructor in Hand to Hand Combat Systems 1997

Police Certificates:
Police Officer 8 years
SWAT Officer 3 years
Homeland Security Level III Dignitary Protection Specialist
Search and Rescue
Rapid Response Team
Firearms Instructor
Hand to hand police tactics

    Brent is a 30 year veteran in the martial arts. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Dojo. Whether in the school or the back yard he loves to share his love of the arts. As a young boy he often had to ride a bike 20 miles to the nearest dojo - practicing as often and as hard as he could - overcoming many obstacles to get to a class. This strong will is still evident in his style and fighting today. Throughout the years Brent has had the privilege and honor to study with and teach many great fighters. This training has flowed into his police training - offering invaluable opportunities to work with and train his fellow brothers at arms. Brent offers classes to law enforcement and security agencies to keep his fellow officers well trained in self defense, disarmament and street safety.

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