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Monee Police Chief John Cipkar Earns 2012 Ralph Fehland Award
Monee Police Chief John Cipkar's dedication to serving others earns the 2012 Ralph Fehland Award from the Chamber of Commerce
Karen Haave / July 19, 2012
Monee Police Chief John Cipkar Earns 2012 Ralph Fehland Award

MONEE POLICE CHIEF John Cipkar (right) accepted the 2012 Ralph Fehland award from Chamber of Commerce President Lee Boswell during Monday's meeting of the village board. The award annually honors a citizen who has made a significant contribution to the betterment of the Village of Monee. --photo by Karen Haave
John Cipkar is a career police officer, award-winning martial arts/Eskrima competitor, husband, father and grandfather.

All of that, coupled with his dedication to serving others and the community of Monee, earned him the Monee Chamber of Commerce 2012 Ralph Fehland award.

The Monee Police Chief accepted the award and accolades during Wednesday's meeting of the village board.

Chamber President Lee Boswell made the surprise presentation.

"The Ralph Fehland award is presented to an individual who has made a significant volunteer contribution to the betterment of their community in the last year," Boswell said.

"Nominations are reviewed by the Monee Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, following a criteria in their selection process."

Nominees may be from the business, civic or church community, he said, or from a service organization.

"So, based on the criteria listed above, this year's Ralph Fehland award goes to John Cipkar.

"John Cipkar is currently serving as the chief of police of the Monee Police Department," Boswell continued.

"A veteran police officer serving since 1983, he rose through the ranks of patrol officer, sergeant, lieutenant and deputy chief to his current position with the department.

"He holds multiple certification in a variety of law enforcement disciplines, including tactical operations and defensive tactics.

"He is a sixth-degree Master Eskrimador, a founding partner in the Institute for Combat Efficiency, and president of the Bandalan Martial Arts, based in Gilroy, CA.

"He has won numerous awards in the martial arts, including three national Eskrima championships," Boswell added.

"He is a husband, father and grandfather: proud to be 'Papa' to Sara and Alex, 'Dad' to John, Jr. and Gayle, and married to Debbie for 36 years.

"He is dedicated to his career, serving others and proud to help make Monee, a safer place to live."

Cipkar, who succeeded retired Police Chief Russell Caruso on May 1 last year, accepted the award in his customary low-key fashion.

"I am very proud and humbled that I was selected," he said after the meeting.

"It was nice."

Cipkar also said he is very happy with the way the Monee Police Department is progressing and emphasized that he is especially happy with his staff.

"I am very proud of my staff," he said, "very proud of all my people."

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