Bandalan Martial Arts

Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii - Filipino Fiesta Demo
By: Jay Reponte - May 9, 2009

17ty Annual Filipino Festival

   Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii (BDPH) demonstrated their skills at the Annual Filipino Fiesta held at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki on island of Oahu. This was the 17th annual occurrence of the festival and the 3rd time that BDPH has had the honor of demonstrating our art for the festival. This was also the first time that BDPH had the opportunity to showcase it's newly formed kids self-defense class. Chief Ray Dela Cruz led 12 of the most promising kids, age ranging from 7-14 years, and demonstrated self-defense and stick skills in front thousands people on the stage at the Kapiolani Park Bandstand Master Robert Garcia also led the adults during the demonstration of sinawali, abecedaro, and tres tres stick skills. BDPH had a wonderful day enjoying the food and entertainment,as well as sharing the indigenous Filipino Martial arts with the people of Hawaii.

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