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Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii - Kids' Self-Defense Class Promotion
By: Jay Reponte - August 1, 2009

   Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii (BDPH) held it's first promotion celebration for it's newly formed kids' self-defense class.
The classes are held on Saturdays and are led by Chief Ray Dela Cruz, under the direction of Master Robert Garcia.
The promotion celebration was held in Waipahu at Chief Ray's apartment complex's party hall on August 1, 2009. All students (kids and adults) from BDPH as well as parent's and spouses were invited to attend. Grandmaster Bandalan flew in from California to attend the festivities as well. Parent's and students provided lots of good food and fellowship. The kids also did a demonstration of their skills for all the attendees. BDPH also showcased slide shows and videos from previous public demonstrations and competitions. The kids class has over 20 students presently enrolled.
   Promoted to Yellow belt were: Krista Bacani, Jesse Barjas, Eloisa Calacay, Joshua Calacay, Damien Castillo, Joshua Galasinao, Kristle Montenegro, Jonathan Paich, Ashley Somera, and Mark Anthony Tabilas.
   Receiving certificates of participation were: Paul Bacani, Mateo Barjas, Elaine Calacuy, Racheal Ribuca, Abigail Lasuente.

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