Bandalan Martial Arts

Grandmaster Goes Global!
By: Angenette Aukee - June 5, 2008

   Grandmaster Bandalan will be filming a segment of Adobo Nation at the ABS-CBN Global Studio in Redwood City on June 5th. This program is broadcast world-wide on a Filipino TV station. The segment is entitled “Well, Well, Wellness”. The show’s host, Jaja, will invite GM (and 2 associates) to demonstrate the art of Eskrima and to explain the added heath benefits it’s practitioners enjoy (cardio, strength training, etc…).

   This show is a great opportunity for exposure for Bandalan Doce Pares. GM will be invited to teach the host a few basic moves on international television and share the history of Doce Pares with the world.

Break a leg Grandmaster!!!

Airs: Sunday, June 8, 2008 on TFC

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