Bandalan Martial Arts

10th WEKAF World Championships
and 2nd Doce Pares Open World Championships

By: Ray Cruz - August 23, 2008

10th WEKAF World Championships

   The 10th WEKAF World Championships was held in Cebu, Philippines on July 21-25, 2008. The competition was held in Ayala Mall located in Cebu City. 28 countries were involved with over 700 fighters and participants.

   Seven delegates from Hawaii BDP went to Cebu: Chief Robert Garcia, Jodelo Dadulas, Ben Calimpong, Dan Alconcel, Robert Kaipo Garcia, Jr., Joe Guzman and James Reponte, Jr.

- Chief Robert Garcia (HBDP): WEKAF World Champion (Gold medalist); senior men's lightweight, single stick division.
- Jodelo Dadulas (HBDP): WEKAF World Champion (Gold medalist); men's middle weight, double stick division.
- Linda Pulido (Champions Martial Arts - Gilroy, CA): WEKAF World Champion (Gold medalist); women's single stick division.
- Ben Calimpong (HBDP): Doce Pares Open, World Champion (Gold medalist); men's cruiser weight, single stick division.
- Dan Alconcel (HBDP): Doce Pares Open, World Champion (Gold medalist); men's knife division.
- Robert Kaipo Garcia, Jr. (HBDP): Doce Pares Open, Silver medalist; men's knife division.
- Joe Guzman (HBDP): Doce Pares Open, Silver medalist; men's super heavy weight division.

   Due to injury, James Reponte, Jr. could not participate in fighting. He helped coach the HBDP team and participated as a judge in the Doce Pares Open World Championships.

   The HBDP team also participated in the 10th WEKAF World Championships Grandmaster’s Seminar held in Moal Boal, Cebu from July 28, 2008 thru July 31, 2008. They also received training at the Doce Pares Head Quarters in Cebu city.

   The HBDP team would like to thank everyone for your support and prayers while we were in Cebu. Our gratitude goes to Grandmaster Alfredo Bandalan who groomed us from the beginning. Our thanks also go to Grandmaster Dionisio Canete for his hospitality, teaching and knowledge that he graciously shares with us.

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