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Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii Competes in 1st Samohan Tournament
By: Ray Cruz - September 16, 2008

   The Del Mar School of Filipino Martial Arts presented the 1st Samahan Kali-Escrima-Arnis tournament on Sunday, September 7th, 2008. It was held on the island of Oahu, Hawaii at the Pearl City High School Gym.

   The tournament was open to all Escrima schools and included caranza as well as stick fighting competition. The stick fighting was with padded sticks and for the first time, used an electronic scoring system. They were at 7-10 Escrima schools from all over islands that participated. Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii (BDPH) supported the Del Mar Schools tournament with five fighters who entered competition. BDPH placed 2nd and 3rd places in various competitions.

   Jodelo Dadulas of BDPH placed 3rd in caranza and placed 1st in the lightweight division of padded stick fighting. He later went on to fight for the Grand Championship of the tournament and took 2nd place overall.

   Chief Robert Garcia along with a few BDPH students; Ray Delacruz, Dan Alconcel, and Wesley Brown did a demonstration of eskrido, locks and knife disarms during the tournament.

   We hope we can continue to unify FMA schools in the future by supporting each other in competition, showcasing individual talents, and displaying good sportsmanship. Thank you guys for your support of FMA.

Chief Instructor,
Robert Garcia
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