Bandalan Martial Arts

School Challenge
By: Antonio Lucero - September 14, 2008

   For this one day we were all able to meet with no other thoughts of the outside world, just to enjoy one another and our love of Eskrima!
Students put on full sparring gear, and the competition began. This was a challenge taken with much seriousness and honor. But in the end it was filled with only fellowship, loyalty, love, honor and respect for all all of us under the umbrella of Bandalan Doce Pares.

Continuing on in the day training was held in Kenpo the other art taught at both schools. The day ended with all gathering and enjoying pizza and the company and the camaraderie of each person as an individual and a practitioner.

Thank all of you for your attendance and we look forward to more in the future!

Grandmaster Bandalan
Master Chavez

White Tiger Clan: Guro Antonio, Miroku, Omar, Yusef, Mr. Bird, Eric
Warriors of Visayas: Guro Anthony, Bibo and Alex Ordiniza, Jojo, Tim, Jake and students.

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